The act of making art is an expressive experience for me where I absorb and reinterpret the shapes, colors, and patterns of the natural world and handmade objects around me. I am particularly attracted to the medium of printmaking because there is an element of surprise inherent in the process, which pushes and inspires me to make new discoveries.  Printmaking naturally matches my desire to work in a series, and the imagery left behind on a plate by the press is often a catalyst for my next print.  I also paint with mixed media, work in collage, and experiment with felted paper Joomchi works.  The discoveries I make using multiple media enrich my printmaking practice and vice-versa.

My printmaking work tends to have a delicate, subtle quality, and often incorporates drypoint, lithographic, or hand-sewn lines with colored washes and shapes from relief and monotype plates. Layering is central to my processes in all mediums, as it creates opportunities for me to respond both spontaneously and in a calculated manner to fresh imagery juxtapositions as they emerge.  I am most interested in this tension that arises during the process of creating a piece of work.  It could be called a tension between improvisation and planning, or between spontaneity and measured intention.

Recently I have been working on a series of abstract collaged monoprints that evoke a realm between pure abstraction and representation.  I am exploring the use of calligraphic drypoint lines and atmospheric layers of monotype color to depict floating organic shapes and patterns.  After completing multiple small prints, I play with arranging them into larger collaged compositions which join together in both seamless and abrupt ways.  My hope is to create a connection to mysterious natural worlds through this work.