Bleed print:  the printed image extends out to edges of the paper.

Carborundum:  a silicon carbide powder of differing grits.

Chine collé:  the process of collaging a thin piece of paper onto the print between the inked-up plate and the paper as the plate passes through the press.

Collagraph print:  a kind of intaglio print where the plate is made from materials of different textures which are collaged onto a substrate or painted onto the substrate, as in carborundum collagraphs.

Drypoint print:  a kind of intaglio print where burrs are kicked up on the plate by a sharp tool.  Ink is applied to collect around the burrs.  Results in a fuzzy, velvety line.

Edition:  the number of identical prints pulled from a plate.

Hand pulled print:  hand-made pieces of original art usually made by an artist using a printing press of some kind (e.g. etching press or lithography press), or sometimes by hand-rubbing.  The process involves creating an image on a substrate or plate with ink or paint, placing paper over the image, and using pressure to release the ink onto the paper, creating the print.

Intaglio print:  ink is applied into the grooves of an etched or engraved plate, gathered on the burrs of a drypoint plate, or dabbed onto the textured surfaces of a collagraph plate.  The plate is then wiped and run through the press with damp paper.

Monoprint:  a unique, one-of-a-kind print, based on a repeatable matrix such as an intaglio or relief plate.

Monotype:  a unique, one-of-a-kind print, without a repeatable matrix.  Ink or paint is applied to the plate surface, but the surface itself is left smooth and undisturbed.

Reduction relief print:  process of printing an edition from one plate where each color layer is printed sequentially, and then cut away forever from the plate, leaving the plate ready for the next color layer.

Relief print:  ink is rolled onto the surface of an incised or carved plate.

Variable Edition:  the number of prints pulled from a plate where there is subtle variation among the prints, such as the use of different colors or variations in the plate wiping process.