Originally trained as an architect, in the past decade I have returned to my interest in creating art. I am particularly attracted to printmaking because there is an element of surprise inherent in the printmaking process which pushes and inspires me to make new discoveries. My mixed-media paintings and Joomchi works with Korean Hanji paper are heavily influenced by the discoveries I have made in printmaking.

Most of the images in my work are my interpretations of natural objects, landscapes, and patterns. My work tends to have a delicate, subtle quality, and usually combines linear drawn, sewn or etched elements with washes or shapes of color. Layering is central to my processes in all mediums as it creates opportunities for me to respond both spontaneously and studiously to the fresh juxtapositions that emerge from the combination of layers. I am most interested in the tension that arises during the process of creating a piece of work. It could be called a tension between improvisation and planning, or between spontaneity and measured intention.